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Direct Placement Services

Systematic and Successful

Whether you are a clinician looking for a new employment opportunity or a client in search of the perfect candidate to fill an important position, HCSI is here to offer direct recruiting and placement solutions. We assist a wide variety of healthcare businesses find the person they are looking for to join their growing organizations.

HCSI prides itself on it’s systematic and successful approach to placing clinicians and medical support staff in positions that they find rewarding. HCSI takes many things into consideration when placing a candidate in a full time position. Job qualifications and clinical ability are only the beginning. Our Recruiting staff is trained to match organizational culture, personality and personal goals making long tem retention and success more likely for each placement.

HCSI is equally committed to the businesses it works with and the people who look to HCSI to find them the position that fits their employment needs.

Let HCSI be your resource as you look for your new employment opportunity or for the perfect candidate for your growing organization.

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Great company, great people, and always our staffing choice. Our office highly recommends Healthcare Solutions International!